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Hard Hat Shade
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WILL NOT WORK on full brim hard hats. Fits most standard hard hats.

  • Blocks sun and most UV rays.
  • Shade at back of neck facilitates perspiration evaporation.
  • Helps keep workers comfortable.
  • Comes in cotton (bright orange, white, royal blue and yellow). Patent #379,679

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Customer Reviews Add Review

GREAT PRODUCT! is an amazing help especially for the florida weather thank you very very much!.........
Works Great! - by Lisa from Houston area, Texas
As a very long time construction company worker/owner, I am greatful for these simple additions to ordinary hardhats. I would have loved for them to be around years ago for us and our workers. Working in the framing industry, there is very little if any shade to be found. Sunscreen can only do so much when you sweat buckets full. Red is a perfect color choice for us, any new colors coming?? Definitely going to order more. Thanks!
Hot Tucson Sun - by E. Goudreau from Tucson,Az
This is great for the hot Tucson sun. Glad I was able to find this thru your company. Great product wish I knew about this 30 years ago.
Couldn't find'em in Tucson! - by Dick Green from Tucson
Strangely I could not find these in Arizona. Wonderful product in great colors. I love'em...
Heat Wave East Coast 2010 - by D from Virginia Beach, VA
I sent a Steel working crew of 10 the Hard Hat Shades plus the cooling neck bandanas during July 2010 in a heat index of 103 average.The men really appreciated them and said they helped out tremedously and didnt get in their way at all!! Some wear the hard hat shades aka sombreros as they call them (hahaha), like a cowboy hat, some turned down, some just flat- they keep the men cooler. The cooling neck bandanas really work too. Other hard hat crews were wanting them too! Thanks for the 24 hr delivery, it was crucial and you made it work and they are still working!!!! :)
Stubborn guy - by Holly A. from Blue Ridge Mountains, NC
I'm the sunscreen police around the job site with the fellas that are building for me. One of our main guys, always outside in a hard hat seems to think the head bone is worth protecting but not the skin surrounding it. I found this and got the color he wanted. At least his neck and face are getting some protection. He likes the instant cooling effect provided by a little shade. We added the Mira-cool pad and life is sweet!
Hard hat shades - by Irma G. Murrieta from United States
I love the way this shade protects from the sun yet doesn't get in the way when you're working. I intend on purchasing more of these.
Hard hat shade - by Glen Dunwoody from Fredericksburg, VA
This product makes it possible for me continue to work construction while avoiding exposure that could lead to additional spots of skin cancer. Yound guys should think about exposure now and avoid having the surgery later. Great product. Highly recommend.
Hardhat Shade - by Ron from Oklahoma City
This is a great item. Helps to keep sunburn down. Great company to buy from.
Hard Hat Shade - by Dave Wilkins from San Diego
This is a very easy shade to add to your hard hat. I like it because it is washable and has the neck protection from the sun. Excellent for people with sensitive skin. Highly recommend this product.

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Home > Hard Hats / Head Protection > Hard Hat Accessories > Hard Hat Shade

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